Tube Lights T5 | T8

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  • Color: CW/NW/WW
  • LED: BridgeLux/ Epistar
  • LED Efficacy > 130 Lm
  • CRI > 70
  • Driver: SunAnshul
  • I/P: 110 VAC – 270 VAC
  • Surge Protections 2.5 KVA
  • PF > 0.95
  • THD < 15%
  • Warranty: 1 Years Ex Factory/ Outlet

Aluminum Model Anodised/ Power coated

Model No.WattLenght
SAT-T5-SQ-AL-20204 Feet
SAT-T5-SQ-AL-10102 Feet
SAT-T5-SQ-AL-551 Feet
SAT-T5-X2-AL-20204 Feet
SAT-T5-X2-AL-10102 Feet
SAT-T5-X2-AL-551 Feet
SAT-T5-MSH-AL-20204 Feet
SAT-T5-MSH-AL-10102 Feet
SAT-T5-MSH-AL-551 Feet
SAT-T5-RET-AL-20204 Feet
SAT-T5-RET-AL-10102 Feet
SAT-T5-RET-AL-551 Feet
SAT-T8-AL-SQ-36364 Feet
SAT-T8-AL-SQ-18182 Feet

PC (Plastic) Model

Model No.WattLenght
SAT-T5-SQ-PC-20204 Feet
SAT-T5-SQ-PC-10102 Feet
SAT-T5-SQ-PC-551 Feet
SAT-T5-X2-PC-20204 Feet
SAT-T5-X2-PC-10102 Feet
SAT-T5-X2-PC-551 Feet
SAT-T5-MSH-PC-20204 Feet
SAT-T5-MSH-PC-10102 Feet
SAT-T5-MSH-PC-551 Feet
SAT-T5-RET-PC-20204 Feet
SAT-T5-RET-PC-10102 Feet
SAT-T5-RET-PC-551 Feet


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